Jimmy Helms' Music


- "GONNA MAKE YOU AN OFFER... The Complete Cube Recordings 1972/1975"(Compilation - CD) Cherry Red - 2015

- "BLACK JOY - The PYE Sessions 1975/1977" (CompilationCD)

Sanctuary Records - 2002


Cube Records - 1975

- "SONGS I SING" (Vinyl)

Pye Records - 1975​

- "JIMMY HELMS" (Vinyl)​

Oracle - 1969


-1977- Black Joy / Don't Pull My Love (Vinyl)

Putting It Down (To The Way I Feel About You) / Uncertain (Vinyl)


Loose Ends / Make It Soon (Vinyl)


Gonna Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse / So Long Love / There'll Be Another Night (Vinyl)

Don't Pull Your Love / Don't Want To Lose You (Vinyl)

Ragtime Girl / Romeo And Juliet (Vinyl)


Gold / Brother Sunshine (Vinyl)

When Can Brown Begin / There'll Be Another Night (Vinyl)

There Will Be Another Night / Lady Blue (Vinyl)

-1973- Gonna Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse / Words And Music (Vinyl)

Jack Horner's Holiday /What Will I Do With My Mind (Vinyl)

I'll Take Good Care Of You / Fly Away (Vinyl)


So Long Love / Dream Merchant (Vinyl)


He Gives All His Love / We Are Not Helpless (Vinyl)


Magnificent Sanctuary / My Little Devil (Vinyl)

Just Hold My Hand And Sing / The Only Thing That Matters (Vinyl)


That's The Way It Is / This Is Where I Came In (Vinyl)

Your Past Is Beginning To Show (My Love) / Son Of Mary (Vinyl)

If You Let Me / I Don't Care Who Knows It (Vinyl)


Always / If It Was Me (Vinyl)


You're Mine You / Susie's Gone (Vinyl)


-1985- Topper Headon - "WAKING UP"

I'll Give You Everything - Pleasure and Pain - Leave It To Luck



Loose Ends - She's A Woman


Roger Glover - "BUTTERFLY BALL"


Jimmy Helms made you“An offer you can’t refuse”

A passionate performer. Creative. Exploring ….Eternally curious.

A talented songwriter, revealing himself in music. A truth seeker. Simple words. Richness of music tinged with the colors of his life. Reflections. The Prism of his soul. A genius musician. His notes strung together…or scattered…scatting over 4 octaves as emotion dictates the sound…as sound shapes emotion. The complete artist, writing books in parallel with his music career.

The gospel influence of his childhood, his first emotions. At times….Brilliant trumpeter, captivating soul man, Londonbeat’s charismatic leader, punchy, charming, enigmatic…

In a career of more than 50 years, he continues to delight and surprise audiences from east to west, occupying the scene…filling venues…filling hearts.

And now ?... Preparing a new live show, he will do precisely what we did not expect. An explosive “mix of genres” that suits like a second skin, fruit of many influences. A soul-deep sensitivity… his perpetual desire to share what he feels… seasoned with some of his greatest hits…Reinvented.

Jimmy is gonna make US… a NEW offer…

How can we refuse ?...